Client Experience


Discovering you and your goals allows us to begin the critical first step toward ensuring we build a personalized financial plan for you. As a fee-only, fiduciary advisor, our focus and highest priority is you.

In addition to understanding your range of assets and liabilities, financial goals, and challenges, we take an interest in understanding your personal relationships, philanthropic interests, and community interests to know the full range of who you are.


We build your plan and structure your financial affairs to achieve and sustain your desired lifestyle through the years – during earning and accumulation and onward into a satisfying retirement.

To optimize your experience, we integrate evidence-based investment management with organized advanced planning. We employ a “best of” approach that blends our experience with select alliances to address your specialized needs.

Our Relationship

We will continue to refine and update your financial plan.  As your goals and desires change, we will keep your plan on track.  While we know investors who make a plan and stick with it create more wealth for themselves, we also know that making deliberate, guided updates keeps your plan suitable and in touch with current goals.

Meetings. We will establish a meeting schedule with you and reach out to schedule appointments per that schedule. If you would like to meet more frequently, please just give us a call. Initial meetings allow us to paint a picture of what it’s like to work with Blue Anchor Wealth Advisors and for you to tell us your story and how we can help you. At our meetings, we will review your financial plan and discuss any updates that may need to be made based on your life events and macroeconomic events.
Communication. We have an open-door policy and welcome our clients to contact us at anytime.  You are always welcome to view your accounts at  You will receive an account statement monthly from Charles Schwab and an account performance review each quarter from Blue Anchor Wealth.  You will also receive notifications and updates from Blue Anchor as market events arise.  Part of our job is to provide education and we welcome all questions and comments.