Women Investors

As women, we often hesitate to identify as investors or money managers. We can also believe we’re not as skilled as men with finances. What if I told you research says the opposite? It’s true. Research has shown that women have better financial instincts and make better investors and money managers. Many women simply need the confidence and support to get started.

It’s often a change in life, good or bad, that leads you to seek out a wealth advisor. Whether it's a significant life transition such as widowhood or divorce, or a new chapter such as becoming a parent, starting a business, or relocating, you may need a solid financial plan to move forward. Creating that plan on your own can be intimidating and time-consuming.

As a financial advisor, I aim to support you in building the confidence and knowledge to move toward financial security and preserving wealth for you and your family with practical solutions and expert advice.

Working together, I’ll teach you that you can be a successful investor. Together we can take some of the mystery out of being an investor, creating wealth with education, building a simple and practical plan through a partnership with you, and delivering actual results.

Getting to know you

Our first step is simple; we get to know you. We want to learn your purpose; what motivates you; what fears and concerns you have around money; and especially, your financial hopes and dreams.

By learning these things about you, we can understand what will help you feel safe and secure in your financial future and what success means to you.

We’ll also begin the groundwork of determining your current financial state by identifying your financial assets, where they are held, and how they can help you achieve your goals.

Presenting your Options

Together, we’ll start building your financial plan using straightforward tools, including tax planning, estate planning, and investment tools.

I want to give you the tools to make the best decisions and see myself as your ‘thinking partner.’ So, the plan I create will be easy to understand and monitor. It’ll also be flexible and easy to change, so it can continue to meet your needs when your life changes.

Once the plan is created, we’ll review it again to ensure it aligns with your goals and values before moving on.

Creating Your Plan

I will encourage you to build your financial knowledge and confidence as we plan for your future together. I’ve built hundreds of plans and have years of experience, and I can use that to be your advisor - guiding you to make decisions rather than telling you what to do.

Our professional tools will make these decisions easier by modeling outcomes from various options. So whether you’re retirement planning or trying to re-establish after a significant life transition, such as widowhood or divorce, we can create a custom plan that gives you the financial stability and security you need.

We’ll continue fine-tuning your plan until it fits you, your family, and your goals. Our next step will be implementing the financial plan.

We are also happy to support you by collaborating with any other planning professionals you work with, such as your CPA or lawyer.

Implementing & Monitoring

Our role doesn’t stop once your plan is set up. We’re here to monitor your plan, make necessary changes and continue to advise you.

A lot can happen with your financial plan, from life changes to market events to something not working like we thought it would. So, we’ll regularly monitor your plan and investments and reach out to you to schedule routine meetings to review your plan and make recommended changes to keep moving in the right direction.

Always when you work with Blue Anchor, your voice and opinion matter to us. We strive to create a service that helps you to feel comfortable and confident in your financial future; and delivers the real results to accomplish your goals.